Indoor Riding Arena

We have built a beautiful 100 x 200 feet indoor riding arena. It is the largest in the Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo area, and was completed on February 1, 2013. Our riding arena allows you to ride in the best conditions year-round.

Engineered Flooring

Our indoor arena is constructed with an engineered floor consisting of a 12 inch base of granular “A” gravel compacted to 98 percent. We then added a 6 inch layer of stone dust which was also compacted to 98 percent.

The surface layer of our riding arena floor consists of 3 inches of beach sand and fibre, which is then treated for dust control. Our floor provides an exceptional riding surface which will minimize leg concussion and protect your horse’s tendons and joints.

LED Lighting

We have installed state of the art LED lighting; you will be able to ride in perfect, even, shadow free light. Our footing is a very high quality and completely dust free.

Exceptional Experience

We also have an arena conditioner which will help keep our arena footing in pristine condition. Our arena provides and exceptional experience for both horse and rider. Make an appointment to tour our farm and see it for yourself today.