At our farm you will enjoy a relaxed, friendly and caring environment for both horse and rider. We provide exceptionally attentive and knowledgeable care.

Full Board

  • Daily turnout in large well fenced grassy pasture (weather permitting)
  • Individualized feeding and care programs based on your horses needs
  • Grain fed twice a day
  • Hay fed 3 times a day inside (morning, evening, night check) hay also provided during turnout
  • Only quality hay and grains are fed.
  • Stalls are cleaned daily, we bed with dust free bagged shavings.
  • Supplements fed at no extra charge if supplied by owner.
  • Blanketing, fly masks and boots (services offered)
  • Our Insulated and ventilated barn provides comfort in the summer and winter months
  • Full unlimited use of our entire facility, including arena
  • Outside coaches are welcome with prior approval
  • Herd health program, however your own vet is also always welcome
  • Farrier arranged, or you can use your own

Pasture Board

  • Outdoor 24/7 pasture-board spaces are limited
  • Outdoor board includes hay, water, salt and spacious shelter as well as plenty of natural shade


Not available at this time.